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Binyousaf Industries | Pakistan

we are a leading manufacturer of custom designed stainless steel surgical instruments dental instruments and orthopedic implants titanium plates and rods with world wide sales, distribution and service.
It is among the fastest growing full service surgical design and supply firms in Pakistan.
Surgical specializes in designing, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and distributing new surgical products and implants.

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Products/Services : punjab

Red Ashes Instrument Co Ltd | Pakistan

RED ASHES INSTRUMENTS CO. has been producing the highest quality state of the Dental & Surgical Instruments since 1972.
Our mandate strives for excellence in production, delivery and service of our product. RED ASHES INSTRUMENTS CO. is dedicated to the production of the highest quality individually handcrafted instruments, in the Industry. Our product is renowned over the world for uncompromising quality of precision, durability and reliability. Pakistan forged instruments are finely and meticulously handcrafted by Qualified Staffs in our state of the surgical manufacturing facility. With our robust and efficient production process we are able to provide our customers with excellent product in time to meet their demand.
RED ASHES INSTRUMENTS CO. is very proud of its products and confident that all instruments are manufactured with the utmost precision, high standards & quality, All of the titanium & stainless steel instruments are surgical grade, therefore, they can be chemically sterilized and are autoclave able with out fear of damage. RED ASHES INSTRUMENTS CO. stands behind every instrument produced and distributed.
As a manufacturer we have the ability to custom manufacture and private label any of our products. A variety of finishes are available. Some of our more common finishes include: sand blasted (matte), polished (mirror), electroplated (gold), etc. Custom orders are available to suit the customer’s preference. Please contact with your requirements and we will be happy to meet your design needs.
All RED ASHES INSTRUMENTS CO.’s instruments are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects provided that the instrument is used for its intended purpose. RED ASHES INSTRUMENTS CO. will replace the defect instrument without charge. RED ASHES INSTRUMENTS CO.’s quality control inspectors carefully examine every instrument. No instrument is shipped unless it meets our stringent quality standards.
We also maintain a full warehouse of in-stock instruments. Through an advanced inventory control system, we offer possible working day shipping on orders placed . This enables us to service our customers quickly and economically.
Products/Services : surgical and dental instruments


We are a company based in UAE with offices & warehouses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Al Abraj Medical Services acts as a distributor for leading multinational companies in the healthcare sector covering a range of products from Pharmaceutical, Health Supplements, Medical Consumables & Disposables to Laboratory and Medical Equipment.

As a commercial establishment involved in the health sector, the corporate philosophy is to support healthcare organizations’ desire, by providing unique and superior products. Al Abraj Medical Services also strives to work as a team and create an upbeat working environment.

AssertMeds is an internet based pharmacy which helps people to buy medications online at cheap prices. Our primary purpose has been to provide customers with generic medications of the most useful at the most competitive prices.
We are the main provider of value, moderate and available non particular pharmaceuticals and human services products and services. We should deal with the providing so as to well needs of the people a complete opportunity of value non particular prescriptions and medicinal services products and administrations. We should work towards our normal objective of productivity and development in fulfillment of our primary goal to our accomplices, suppliers and representatives.
Products/Services : Healthcare

Globalstar | India

Globalstar is a India based export company founded in eatly 2016. We export medicines, Pharma products, Agriculture products such as rice, wheat, Tamarind, Corn, Millets etc. Currently we are exporting to UAE/Dubai, Australia, Germany, France, Liberia, Nepal, Netherlands, Philipins, Spain, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Ukrain, Uganda and many other countries. Globalstar
Products/Services : Pharmacuticals products and Agriculture products

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